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A University is conceptualized to be a fountain Head of Knowledge, from which knowledge and wisdom are believed to flow and reach out to the widest possible public. In this context it is worth recalling the motto “Nahi Jnanena sadrusam” (knowledge is incomparable). Knowledge is the tool of empowering people and make them better beings. Similarly music is conceived to be celestial which as an ennobling effect both on practitioners and listeners alike. It is capable of removing angularities and elevating human soul to a higher plan. It is widely believed that music has beneficial effects not only on human beings but also on plants and animals as well. Achieving mastery over a given genre of music could be a lifelong dedicated practice with total devotion. It is called ‘Upaasana’/ ‘saadhana’, seeking highest perfection and the person who undertakes it is called ‘Upaasaka’ / ‘Saadhaka’, the seeker of ultimate truth. The objective of learning music is the realization of three ethereal virtues i.e., truth, beauty and divinity / sublimity. This is also true of other forms of performing arts, be it dance, drama, gamaka, puppet show, Yakshagana etc., All these forms of art not only give an opportunity for the performers to showcase their talents, skills and accomplishments but also provide entertainment to the common people and make their lives worth living.

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Karnataka State Dr.Gangubai Hanagal Music and Performing Arts University Near ballal circle, JLB Road, Chamarajapura, Lakshmipuram, Mysuru, Karnataka 570004

+91 - 821-240 2141

Near ballal circle, JLB Road, Chamarajapura, Lakshmipuram, Mysuru, Karnataka 570004,Mysore,Karnataka



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