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HDFS is an interdisciplinary major focusing on the development of individuals across the lifespan, within the context of family and culture. Students complete foundational coursework in human development (i.e., infancy and childhood, adolescence, emerging and young adulthood, middle and later adulthood/aging) and in the area of family studies. Students study theory and innovative research in the field and learn to identify diverse factors influencing cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development across the lifespan. A hallmark of the HDFS degree program is participation in a semester-long internship during which students apply knowledge and skills acquired in foundational course work and gain valuable experience in their professional field. The HDFS major offers five concentrations that enable students to specialize within their degree and prepare for a variety of career paths. In addition to selecting one of five concentrations, students have the opportunity to work toward the Gerontology Interdisciplinary Minor or Director Qualifications in early childhood settings, or apply to the Major in Early Childhood Education



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