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Master in Medicinal Plant is a two years postgraduate medicine degree course of study in India. The study emphasis on the development of medicinal plants functional food, from identifying the bioactive components in the laboratory, and new medicines are nutritional food. The study generate skilled manpower to meet the present and future requirement of human resources in the field of medicinal plants resources development and also provide distinctive training and education of all aspects of medicinal plants and candidates become able to apply the biological knowledge to find solution which secures ally sound plant production for food, feed, energy, human health, etc. The course of study is suitable for those candidates wants to increase their knowledge for accelerating their career by exploring and acquire a critical understanding of Medicinal Plant Science. The course of study is designed to provide in-depth knowledge, information, techniques and about the activities associated with Medicinal Plant Science, in a comprehensive manner. The study is focused on theoretical and practical aspects and principles techniques in an academic discipline such as The introduction of Medicinal Plant, Medicinal Plant Cultivation, Phyto - Pharmaceutical Studies, Conservation, Distribution of Medicinal Plant, Phytochemistry, Medicinal Plant Resource Management, quality Control of Medicinal Plant, Extraction and Marketing of Medicinal Plant.




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