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B.A. in Ancient History is a 3-year undergraduate course, divided into six semesters, with each semester lasting a period of six months. As an academic discipline, Ancient History is the study of mankind’s past, viz. history, society, religions, material culture, and languages of Ancient Greece, Rome, besides Indian History. Subjects range from Prehistory (c 1500 BCE) to the early medieval world (c 1000 CE). It is one of the specializations of Bachelor of Arts (BA) that deals with the history of Greeks, Romans and related tales about their empires. The course’s curriculum covers significant historical events and personalities, such as Greek heroes in the Trojan war, rulers and citizens of Rome and its empire, makers of medieval Europe and Classic Indian History. Students enrolled to the course are offered an advanced insight into the cultural patterns and traditions of the ancient world. The program is a critical, interdisciplinary approach to a broad range of material and textual remains.




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