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Certificate Course in Functional English qualifies students in understanding the basics of English language. Candidates are introduced to the varied aspects of the course which concentrates on bettering their skills and proficiencies of the language. The program covers the six aspects of communication which includes Public speaking, application in technical fields, written communication, listening skills, polishing phonetics and grammar. Candidates are extensively trained in articulating words, polishing their speaking skills by eliminating the influence of mother tongue, understanding the right tone of communication and much more.Candidates are introduced to the two most important aspects of learning English that is listening and speaking, which are often neglected in the process. The program ensures students are well trained in understanding the importance of English skills in the real world of business and education. Along with helping candidates turn efficient readers, they are also prepared to procure the skills of framing engaging sentences, paragraphs and questions. The methodology used in delivering this program is to engage the students in the study. It would include group discussions, project, writing essays, theories and other such, enabling students to achieve stronghold in the given field. Post the completion of the course, candidates will find themselves to be more confident, being able to deliver public speeches without stage fear. The skills can be applied in varied fields wherever the use of language is applicable on the day-to-day basis. Candidates can become public speakers, teachers for junior level, conduct tuitions, hold meetings and interact with the public without fear by following proper ethics of communication.




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