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Dairy development in India. Engineering, thermal and chemical properties of milk and milk products, unit operation of various dairy and food processing systems, process flow charts for product manufacture, working principles of equipment for receiving, pasteurization sterilization, homogenisation, filling & packaging, butter manufacture, dairy plant design and layout, composition and proximate analysis of food products. Deterioration in products and their controls. Physical, chemical and biological methods of food preservation, changes undergone by the food components during processing, evaporation, drying, freezing juice extraction, filtration, membrane separation, thermal processing, plant utilities requirement. Practical: Study of a composite pilot milk processing plant & equipments; Study of pasteurisers; Study of sterilizers; Study of homogenisers; Study of separators; Study of butter churners; Study of evaporators; Study of milk dryers; Study of freezers; Design of food processing plants & preparation of layout; Visit to multiproduct dairy product; Determination of physical properties of food products; Estimation of steam requirements; Estimation of refrigeration requirements in dairy & food plant; Visit to Food industry.


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