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Maharajashri Bhagavatsinhji Arts and Commerce College, Gondal, founded on 2nd May 1964, has completed 43 years. Academic year 2007-08 is the 44th academic year of the college in progress. In 1958, Maharajashri Bhagavatsinhji Public Utility Trust Fund, Gondal State, Gondal, associated with the name of the beloved maharajashri of Gondal, thought of starting a college in Gondal with a view to provide facility for higher education in Gondal itself. An informal coaching center called Janta College or Svadhyay Mandir, for students aspiring to appear for external examination at the Gujarat University was started in the Town Hall of Gondal in 1958. Some 59 (fifty nine) students appeared as external students at the Gujarat University at the end of the academic year 1959-60. This was the seed that sprouted into Maharajashri Bhagavatsinhji Arts & Commerce College. At the time there was no college in Gondal. The students had to go either to Rajkot or somewhere else. There was a need for a college in Gondal. To meet with this requirement Maharajashri Bhagavatsinhji Public Utility Trust Fund gave Rs. 2,50,000 to Gondal Nagarpalika to start and run a college in Gondal with the name of Maharajashri Bhagavatsinhji associated with it. The aim of starting a college was to provide the facility for a college in Gondal so that students of Gondal and surrounding villages can avail higher education at their door-step.

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Mahadev Vadi Gondal – 360 311


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