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“The Mahila Mahavidyalaya has been established in Bahahiya keeping in mind a very special aim. Its objective is not just to confer students with degrees but to make them self-dependent by developing their creative talent. Pushing the creative talent of women into the background impoverishes the cultural identity of man. The moral upliftment as well as the upliftment of the character of women is of paramount importance for the overall welfare of the nation. In order to save the coming generation, it is very important to educate women in such a well-planned manner which would infuse in them qualities such as wisdom, courage, tolerance, faith etc. and which would enable them to shoulder all those responsibilities that have been entrusted to the mothers of this nation. By imparting values of the highest order to women and making them highly work-efficient, the college will constantly strive towards its goal in order to honour women on the social platform.

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Barhiya Sheikpura Mahila Mahavidyalaya At + P.O. – Barhiya Dist: Lakhisarai Pin: 811302


+91 6346 251062, +91 7667 810440



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